In het Bos


Syl van Duyn — In Het Bos (voorkant)

Van Goor

ISBN 9789000035137

First edition January 1, 2003

189 pages

Syl van Duyn — In Het Bos (achterkant)

In het Bos, is a beautifully published collection of 20 short stories by various authors with illustrations by well-known illustrators.

The story Vliegen gaat niet van zelf is included in this collection and is beautifully illustrated by Helen van Vliet.

The story of the wonderful girl Sonder.

Sonder lives with her father and her goose in a meadow by the sea, near the forest.


Vliegen gaat niet van zelf, page 41 Helen van Vliet

Sonder secretly hopes that she can learn to fly herself.

Sonder has a goose, which cannot fly, but follows her all day long. Even though she's sure her goose will one day be able to fly she calls her goose Flynot.

Secretly, Sonder hopes that she can learn to fly herself. She has dreamed a few times that she is floating above the dune with Flynot and when this happens she always wakes up happy, feeling a little light-headed.

Concerned, Sonder held Flynot tightly with one hand and clutched a branch with her other hand.

— Vliegen gaat niet vanzelf page 42

Illustratie 15 eend.jpg

''All right then. You have it your way. I flew a little and then I fell. The hardest thing about flying is staying in the air. But soon I will manage that.'

— Vliegen gaat niet vanzelf page 44


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