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Syl van Duyn — Girl Out of Place (voorkant)

Girl Out of Place

Travel back in time

At the end of the war, august 1945 Nell is released from a Japanese internment camp in Java. Her mother has passed away a few months earlier. Searching for her father in the chaos, she meets Tim - a young man who is looking for his family too.

Girl Out of Place
Portret Syl van Duyn

Syl van Duyn

Syl van Duyn (1956) is a Dutch children's book author. For several years, Magriet magazine published a weekly column by Syl. Hallo aarde, hier Maan, Mijn zus is een flussemus, Angels are published by her Dutch publisher Van Goor.

Her latest book, Op zoek naar jou (2020) was translated in English as Girl out of place by Ernestine Hoegen with the support of The Nederlands Letterenfonds.

In May 2021, Girl out of place was shortlisted for the Thea Beckman award, a prestigious award for the best Dutch historical youth book (12+).

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Op Zoek Naar Jou genomineerd voor de longlist Archeon Thea Beckmanprijs 2021

June 22, 2021

Girl out of place on the shortlist of the Dutch Thea Beckman Award 2021 for the best Historical young adult book.

The Thea Beckmanaward 2021 is awarded to the best historical young adultbook. The jury looks at hist…

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June 20, 2021

Nora Valk in Ad Astra

Nora Valk in Ad Astra Following the publication of Girl out of place an interview appeared with Nora…