Syl van Duyn — Angels (voorkant)


What if...

Syl van Duyn — Angels (voorkant)

Van Goor

ISBN 9789047503491

First edition March 1, 2008

144 pages

Syl van Duyn — Angels (achterkant)

This is the first young adults (12+)book of Syl.

Sometimes you make decisions without considering the consequences and when, like Touria, you are also head over heels in love, you're certainly not using your brain at all. It's only later that she wonders: what if...

That of love just happened to me

It's love at first sight when the Dutch-Moroccan Touria unexpectedly meets Eddie, the twin brother of her neighbor Frenk. Love gives her wings and magical things seems to happen. Together with Eddie, Frenk and Jelle, Touria dares to do things that she wouldn't dare otherwise : instead of going to school driving to the beach in a convertible, paragliding and lying to her parents outright. But then Eddie unexpectedly dies and Touria is left in shock. The thought that things could have turned out differently haunts her.

What if...? What if she hadn't gone to the beach with Eddie, he wouldn't have kissed her. What if If she hadn't fallen in love with Eddie, he might not have been dead. If Eddie had still lived, Touria, Frenk and Jelle would not miss him so much. All three of them want to be with Eddie again, but then they will have to take one final step. Will they take it?

He was handsome and funny and his name was Eddie. That of love just happened to me. Love made me do things that I wouldn't dare otherwise. He was handsome and his name was Eddie.

— Angels page 13

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