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Gewoon Leven

Syl van Duyn — Gewoon Leven (voorkant)


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First edition January 1, 2004

1 pages

Syl van Duyn — Gewoon Leven (achterkant)

Syl van Duyn is author of children's books and mother of Hannah, Marte and Bauke. Her eldest daughter Hannah has multiple complex disabilities. She goes to the daycare center by bus five days a week. Syl has written a weekly column in the woman Magezine Margriet about 'Hannah de Pannah', her special needs and role in the family in recent years.

For Hannah, who enjoys her life

I write about Hannah because I want to show that familylife with a multiple disabled child is not always easy, but it is not impossible either. And I want to show how much Hannah enjoys her life. This is a selection of columns from 2002 and 2005 and a lot of them describe the foundation of a home where Hannah will live with four other people with special need.

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My children

Writing about this unusual family in the woman Magezine Margriet was fantastic.

Within a year I was the mother of two girls , of which the oldest was deteriorating every week due to her brain-damaging form of epilepsy and the youngest was developing full speed. I loved my girls but with Hannah that love was always tied to sadness and that made it complicated. It was difficult to accommodate those two extremes in my life. Things got better after the birth of my youngest, but it remained an unusual family. Writing about this in the woman Magezine Margriet was fantastic.

The great thing about Syl is that she writes thruthfully realistic and sober without complaning. I think that's because of her professional tone and choice of words. And It is of course also how Syl approches life.

— Preface Gewoon Leven, Anneliese Bergman, editor- in - chief Margriet 2004

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