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De Zee, De Zee


Syl van Duyn — De Zee, De Zee (voorkant)

Van Goor

ISBN 9789000034406

First edition September 1, 2002

173 pages

Syl van Duyn — De Zee, De Zee (achterkant)

The sea, the sea is a beautifully published collection of 19 short stories by various authors with illustrations by well-known illustrators.

The story Girls do not sail is included in this collection and is beautifully illustrated by Noëlle Smit.

The story of Jeltje who wants to sail the oceans just like her brothers.

Jeltje wants to sail the oceans just like her brothers. Her father doesn't agree. Yet sailing remains her biggest dream. It's like the sea is inside her head.

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Meisjes varen niet, blz 25, Noëlle Smit.

Rather go out to sea than back home.

All her life Jeltje has wanted to sail the oceans with her brothers Douwe and Dirk on the fishing boat. This is her biggest dream. As if the sea is in her head. Her father says she can forget about it. Girls don't sail, and if they do, they're no good. He prefers that Jeltje tends the sheep and does the work at home now that her mother is no longer there. When a sheep is lost, Jeltje and her dog Wolf jump into a sloop that is moored at the quay. Rather go out to sea than back home. She hopes she will find her brothers before dark.

Jeltje walked to the head of the harbor.

— Meisjes varen niet blz 21

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The wind was blowing so hard that she could lean against it. Gave her a wonderfully light feeling, as if the sea were inside of her head. She closed her eyes. That's what it must feel like when you flew and let yourself drift with the wind, like the seagulls, which now soared above the harbor. All day long she ran with with her dog Wolf in the dunes chasing the sheep, while she would much rather go to the sea.

— Meisjes varen niet blz 20

Illustratie 13 (uitsnede).jpg

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